TauREx 3.1 - A true exoplanet retrieval framework


TauREx 3 (Tau Retrieval for Exoplanets) is an open-source fully bayesian inverse atmospheric retrieval framework licensed under BSDv3. It aims to make exoplanetary atmosphere modelling and retrievals fast, easy and flexible!

TauREx 3 offers a fully customizable framework that allows you to mix and match atmospheric parameters and add in your own to perform modelling and retrievals.

For scientists, the standalone taurex program provides a wealth of parameters to build forward models, simulate instruments and perform retrievals.

For developers, TauREx3 provides a rich library of classes to build your own programs and any new atmospheric parameters you create can be used in the standalone program like it was always there!

TauREx3 can be expanded

If you use TauREx 3 in you work, please see the guide to Citation.

Want to install it? Head here: Installation

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